Review: If Wishes Were Earls (Rhymes With Love #3) by Elizabeth Boyle

December 27, 2013 Review 0

Review: If Wishes Were Earls (Rhymes With Love #3) by Elizabeth Boyle

Harrriet Hathaway has loved only one man her entire life: the Earl of Roxley. But when he ignores her at a ball, she takes rather desperate steps to catch his eye and her plans find her ruined and without any hope of gaining Roxley’s heart. So it is much to her amazement when Roxley proposes marriage to save her from ruin. But Roxley’s proposal isn’t quite on the up and up and when she finds out she’s just another piece in one of his plots and japes, she vows revenge.

Roxley is desperate to pull his family from the brink of ruin, and the only way to gain a lost fortune is to prove to his aunts that’s he’s “reformed” his life and is determined to settle down. But the bride-to-be that he thought would be most amiable is doing everything to turn his life and his heart upside down. Harriet Hathaway had always seemed the most sensible girl he knew, but now this siren of a stranger he’s engaged to is leaving him feeling anything but sensible. Harriet is about to steal not only his heart, but quite possibly the keys to the Roxley fortune.

Title: If Wishes Were Earls
Author: Elizabeth Boyle
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Series: Rhymes With Love
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Published by Avon
Source: Publisher
Published: December 31, 2013
Genres: Historical Romace
Pages: 237
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-flames
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This was a great book. I like historical romance and this book was no different. It not only was a romance but it also was partly a mystery as well. This book is the third in the series but is fine to be read as a standalone as I have not read any other books in this series either. This is also the first book I have read by this author but I definitely will read more of her books.

I really enjoyed Harriet. She made me laugh with her antics and how she shocked Roxley or others at times. She spoke her mind and wasn’t afraid to go after what she wanted. There were some twists to the plot that I was not expecting to happen and that is always a good thing. I think my favorite flashback was when Harriet and Roxley first met and Harriet attacked him. That had me cracking up.

At the beginning of the story I admit I really did not like Roxley. I was starting to wonder when the real love interest was going to show up because he bored me. As the book went on to the next couple of chapters though I really started to like him once I knew more about him.

I was kind of back and forth on whether I liked the flashbacks or not. While they did add background to the story and let you know what had happened, a couple of times I had to re-read the first page or two before it dawned on me that it was a flashback. They are clearly marked on the chapters but I was just paying attention to the story and not the labels. My fault!

All in all this was a great book and I recommend it to the fans of historical fiction. I would like to go back to read the other stories in the series because I really enjoyed the authors writing.


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