Review: With Her Craving (Lunewulf #10) Lorie O’Clare

July 28, 2013 Review 0

Review: With Her Craving (Lunewulf #10) Lorie O’Clare

Part of the Lunewulf series.

Cariboo werewolf shifter Jarvis Alger must be crazy. He’s fallen for a Malta werewolf—the most-despised breed, due to a rumored penchant for violence. The more he tries to get Katrin out of his mind, the more he wants to drag her into his den for blistering-hot lovemaking. And when Jarvis proves he cares about her, not her background, she quickly succumbs.

Katrin Keller actually is only half Malta werewolf, but she’s accustomed to the hate thrown at her by ignorant Cariboo and humans. That hatred killed her parents, and sent her littermates Leisa and Magda on the run. But the law doesn’t care about her half-breed status. Even the Cariboo cops will stop at nothing to eliminate her.

Torn between the man she loves and the heritage she won’t ignore, Katrin may have to choose between Jarvis and the very blood that runs through her veins. But as their passion grows, she’s certain of one thing—she’s willing to fight for both.

Title: With Her Craving
Author: Lorie O'Clare
Series: Lunewulf
Published by Ellora's Cave
Source: Publisher
Published: June 28, 2013
Genres: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Pages: 239
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Stars: three-stars
Flames: three-flames

Let me start, this is the first book in the Lunewulf series I have read and I possess no background knowledge from the previous books. With that said, With Her Craving is a very pleasant read. I found the characters engaging, the plot well thought out, and sex hot but tasteful. I do not feel I lost anything by not the previous titles. The author has provided ample information so that this book works well as a stand-all however, the story ending leads into a introducing of two more books that are possible.

The story line between Katrin and Jarvis starts out great but then got over-whelmed by other things. This leads to the other added feature, the secondary characters. They and the two different types of shifters combined I feel is what gives the main character of this story: prejudice. Through no fault of her own, Katrin is half Malta, the most hated shifter there is. It matters not what is inside the heart and mind of a Malta shifter, they are so hated that it is instant death. The constant reminder of the prejudices that ran through the whole story was too distracting for me to completely enjoy the book.

Final analysis, With Her Craving works great as a stand-alone, is heavy on the running theme but is still a pleasant afternoon read.

With Her Craving


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