Review: Wolf Night (Cassandra Bick Chronicles #2) by Tracey Sinclair

February 26, 2016 Review 0

Review: Wolf Night (Cassandra Bick Chronicles #2) by Tracey Sinclair

After narrowly averting a supernatural war in London, Cassandra Bick just wants life to get back to normal. Or as normal as life can be when you run a dating agency for vampires, your best friend is a witch and the oldest, strongest and sexiest vampire in town is taking a very personal interest in your business. But when a vicious new supernatural enemy threatens her friends, Cass finds herself once again fighting for the fate of her city – and having to face some demons of her own.

Snarky, sexy and fast paced, Wolf Night will leave you breathless.

Wolf Night is Book 2 in the Dark Dates series, the Chronicles of Cassandra Bick.

Title: Wolf Night
Author: Tracey Sinclair
Other books by this author that we've reviewed: A Vampire In Edinburgh, Dark Dates, Angel Falls, A Vampire Walks Into a Bar
Series: Cassandra Bick Chronicles #2
Other books in this series that we've reviewed: A Vampire In Edinburgh, Dark Dates, Angel Falls, A Vampire Walks Into a Bar
Published by Self
Source: Author
Published: March 6, 2013
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 288
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Stars: five-stars
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Get ready to laugh your tush off because Cassandra is back! After surviving a near supernatural war, Cassandra’s company took a bit of a hit but now she has a new partner, who just doesn’t want to be a silent one. Then there’s Medea who announces she’s getting married, only there are those who may not be so happy about it. How can things get any worse? How about a couple of exes and a not so quite ex-wife. Cassandra just wants to get back to business…life has other plans.

On the outside chance you didn’t read the first book in the series, which I think you’re crazy if you haven’t, I’ll continue to keep Cain’s secret of what he is. However, we already know Medea is a witch and Katie is a shifter so those two are easy to discuss. Notice I said Katie is a shifter, as in she can shift into whatever creature she wants. Which makes her a hot commodity, especially for a Scottish werewolf…who also happens to be homophobic. Why do I mention that? Well because Medea and Katie are getting married. WooHoo! And, Cassandra wants to do something special for them. Sounds good, except for Cass wants to make it a surprise. Which gets them into all sorts of trouble starting with said werewolf and from old acquaintances of Medea. Throw in flirty Laclos and Cain’s wife (Yes, wife!) things just get all kinds of crazy.

Cass of course is in rare form and handles it with her usual human flair. That’s a nice way of saying, she manages to screw the pooch a few times. Well-intended surprise party, bedding Laclos, endless curious questions aimed at Cain (although not the right ones when you realize he’s married) kept this laughing roller coaster flying along. There’s lots of sass and humor mixed in with all the fun. New characters in the way of Laclos’ bodyguards which has Cass speculating and me laughing about. There’s of course a nice epic battle followed up with an ‘OMG! what’s going to happen next’ ending that had me scrambling to start the next book.

I’m not sure why I haven’t discovered Tracey Sinclair before but I’m certainly glad I did. Her flair for storytelling is quite engaging and has me laughing with all the antics she puts Cass and friends through. I originally wanted to read Cassandra Bick Chronicles because, having read previous series involving dating series for the paranormals, I wanted to see how they measured up. There. Is. No. Comparison. Hands down this is the winner. Now excuse me, it’s 2am and I must get some sleep…but not until I get lost in the next book.


Wolf Night
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