Review: Wolf’s Capture (Kodiak Point #4) by Eve Langlais

January 2, 2015 Review 2

Review: Wolf’s Capture (Kodiak Point #4) by Eve Langlais

She might think she’s captured the wolf, but in the end, he’ll take her heart.

Brody is a soldier who misses the excitement of the military and its missions. He retired to work as clan beta in Kodiak Point. Talk about boring, until he’s captured by a foreign enemy.

Him, a prisoner?

Not for long. This wolf will do anything in order to get away–even if it involves seduction.

First step in plotting his escape: pretend interest in a woman. But Layla isn’t just any woman. She’s special.

Not human. Not shifter. He doesn’t know what this exotic lady is other than his.

A prisoner for years, Layla isn’t sure what to make of the enemy who shares a cell with her. He promises her hope, but that would involve trust. Despite her doubts, she can’t help but be drawn to him. Unacceptable which means she does her best to drive him nuts.

Working together, can they escape the clutches of the enemy?

And do they dare fall in love?

Welcome to Kodiak Point, where the wildlife might wear clothes, but animal instinct rules the heart.

Title: Wolf's Capture
Author: Eve Langlais
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Series: Kodiak Point #4
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Published by Self
Source: Author
Published: January 6th 2015
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 230
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: three-flames

Sometimes when you read a series long enough, it kind of goes stale. This is not the case with Kodiak Point series. Oh My God! I love it! Wolf’s Capture is the lastest edition to the series and let me call it now. You’re gonna love it as much as I did.
Brody had me in stitches. First off he is bored and misses the excitement of his previous life. Oh Brody, you really should be careful for what you wish for. Guess you’re not so bored now that you are in a cage. His attempts of escape were pretty darn funny. Especially since he to try things out even after Layla warned him. Layla – I think she is probably they most interesting female in this whole series. Her talent (IE: secret) is amazeballs! I wouldn’t mind having her ability. They two of them together are oh so sexy and down right hysterical at the same time. Lot’s of adventure in this book both in and out of the sack. Just a little spoiler here so look away if you don’t want to hear this. FINALLY! We get to find out who the master is. But…it wasn’t who I thought it was. Hmmm…curious. I can’t wait for the next book to find out more about this ‘Master’ person. Very curious indeed!


Author Eve Langlais is easily my favorite author this year. Her Kodiak Point series is a must read for me. Every time I see a new book is coming out I get a huge grin on my face anticipating what sort of fun I going to discover. Wolf’s Capture can be read as a stand-alone but really shouldn’t. Seriously folks, this is such a great series why read just one book when you can read the whole series. And you should, read the whole series. Like right now!


Wolf's Capture

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  1. Sophia Rose

    Haha! Yes, Brody has been fun as the minor character in several books of the series and I liked him a lot. Oh yes, I can’t wait to learn more about the Master.

    Fun review, Jacque!