Review: More Than Words by Karla Doyle

September 18, 2013 Review 2

Review: More Than Words by Karla Doyle

A brutal mugging two years ago left Calli terrified to go out after dark, and incapable of real dating. Hanging out with a resentful Chihuahua every night hasn’t filled the void, and all the sex toys from the store she owns could never replace a flesh-and-blood man. An online Scrabble site promising anonymous, flirty fun sounds like just the ticket. A like-minded geek, that’s what she needs. Unbeknownst to her, the man on the other end of the game is anything but geeky.

Tired of the party scene, Travis seeks a venue where he can meet a woman who is drawn to his mind, not his profession. Having women chase after his bad-boy musician persona has grown stale. After heating up the tiles online with Calli, he knows he must meet her in person. Touch her in person. And when he does, their chemistry is undeniable. She stimulates him, mind and body. But when he discovers her tragic past he realizes it will take more than words to win her heart…and her trust.

Title: More Than Words
Author: Karla Doyle
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Published by Ellora's Cave
Source: Publisher
Published: Aug 17, 2012
Genres: Erotic Romance
Pages: 191
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Stars: four-half-stars

Calli Yates has been afraid to go out after dark since a violent mugging two years ago.  One evening when she logs onto a scrabble website and joins a game with Travis.  They sparks fly from the beginning and the sexy messages start a hot and heavy romance that leaves them both questioning if they can make it work.

I loved this book!  I am a big fan of scrabble myself and I liked how Doyle incorporated it throughout the book.  Sometimes the fact that they had the words for just the right word when they needed them was far farfetched but its fiction so I am fine with it.  Plus even Calli said that Travis has an in with the scrabble tiles as he always seems to have the better letters.  I also liked how this book didn’t follow the traditional formula for a romance novel.  There was drama, not to give away spoilers, but things happen and don’t get resolved right away.

This was also one very hot read.  Travis is mighty creative and Calli, the owner of a romance store, is very adventurous when it comes to trying new things.  They experiment with toys and anal play as well as various sexual positions.  When Travis and Calli get into a room together the sparks, and clothes, fly.

I think Calli and Travis together were great.  He is pretty world weary of the life he has been living as a member of a rock band.  He wants more than anonymous sex and when he meets Calli online, he thinks that she may be just what he needs.  When he meets her, she is attractive and smart he falls fast and hard.  It seemed to me that Calli was holding back more than him.  She was afraid that she won’t be able to get over her fears and wouldn’t be able to have a ‘normal’ relationship.  I liked how she slowly worked through her issues and it wasn’t an immediate fix.

This is my first book by Doyle but I am looking forward to reading more from her.

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