Review: Worked Up (Made in Jersey #3) by Tessa Bailey

August 15, 2016 Review 0

Review: Worked Up (Made in Jersey #3) by Tessa Bailey

Factory mechanic Duke Crawford just wants to watch SportsCenter in peace. Unfortunately, living with four divorcee sisters doesn’t provide much silence, nor does it change his stance on relationships. But when a fellow commitment-phobe stumbles into his life, getting him good and worked up, he can’t deny his protective instincts.

Samantha Waverly’s brother just put her in an impossible situation. The only way out? Marry huge, gruff, gladiator look-alike Duke—for show, of course. She doesn’t make promises—she knows too well how easily they can be broken—and this is no exception.

As the blistering attraction between them grows, the lines around the no-strings relationship blur. But Duke and Samantha’s marriage is only for show…or is it?

Title: Worked Up
Author: Tessa Bailey
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Series: Made in Jersey #3
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Published by Entangled Publishing
Source: Publisher
Published: August 1, 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Romance
Pages: 186
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-flames
I received this book for free from the Publisher or Author in exchange for an honest review, or I purchased it with my own funds. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
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As a self-proclaimed commitment-phobe, Samantha doesn’t do messy emotions. She’s been let down one time to many which explains why she called off her engagement of four years. She just wants to spend her few days, before her dreams get crushed, having fun and doing what she loves, art. However, Duke has other plans, those of which include less clothing and a flat surface.

I have been waiting for this PMB for what seems like forever. Those of you who do not follow Tessa Bailey she has this amazing thread for those big burly men in our lives who we love and adore.. PMB= Pouty Man Bear. Yes, we all know at least one. Well, this is Duke’s story, our resident PMB, that I devoured in just a few short hours!!

A good book is one that is hard to put down but you got to when faced with everyday life. A great book, you ignore life and submerge yourself into the world the author has created. A good book, you can hide your emotions as you read but feel them deeply; a great book you wear those emotions all over your face. Worked Up for me, was that book. Samantha is a master at bad jokes and puns that you cannot help but laugh. I could not stop snickering or smiling while reading this novel. Duke is such a bear-rough around the edges but sweet and cuddly all in the center.

If you are not a fan of lust to love at first sight, then I would not recommend this book to you. They literally fall in love within about two weeks- basically lust came first, then marriage, then love. This was a bit hard to get past but I love whirlwind romances but I did not like the condition in which they felt they had to get married. It really set up a dislike for Renner for what he did to his stepsister Sam; especially since I was so looking forward to his story, Wound Tight.

Overall, I really enjoyed this story as we go to know more about Duke from the previous book, Thrown Down. He was a perfect combination of rough, demanding, sweet, and dirty whereas Sam is funny, caring, loving, and sassy that makes for a awesome contemporary romance,

I was gifted a copy of this novel from the JeepDiva/Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. The opinions and ratings are solely my own.


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