Review: Wrapped In You (The Monroes #1) by Jules Bennett

April 5, 2016 Review 1

Review: Wrapped In You (The Monroes #1) by Jules Bennett

"Another page turner--I couldn't put it down!" - Lori Foster, New York Times bestselling author

The Monroe brothers found a home in Haven, Georgia, thanks to the big-hearted couple who adopted them all. Now, grieving their late sister, these three very different men will come together to honor her memory. And with the help of some unforgettable women, each will find the chance to build a whole new future…

Zach Monroe has made mistakes--big ones. The worst left the girl he loved injured, and his own brother barely speaking to him. It was a night Zach won't let himself forget, even when the girl in question--perfect, polished Sophie Allen--walks back into his life. A realtor, Sophie's brought an offer for their sister's dilapidated Civil War era property. But Zach's determined to renovate the rambling old place himself--though he longs to rebuild Sophie's trust in him…

A business deal isn't how Sophie wanted to approach Zach after all this time, but he won't let anyone get personal. She can't deny that the accident changed her life in irreparable ways. But watching gruff, quiet Zach beat himself up year after year hurts too. The wounded boy she once adored needed love, and the man is no different. Now Sophie will need every bit of her resolve to convince Zach to let love heal them both…

"! Jules Bennett delivers another delicious read!" --Catherine Mann, USA Today bestselling author

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"A small town romance with great big heart. Jules Bennett writes a tender and heartwarming love story that will have you laughing, crying, and looking for her next book!" --Roxanne St. Claire, New York Times & USA Today bestselling author

Title: Wrapped In You
Author: Jules Bennett
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Series: The Monroes #1
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Published by Zebra
Source: Publisher
Published: 03/29/2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 352
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Stars: three-stars
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Jules Bennet

I always love a series that is following family members in multiple books.  It feels like I can stay with the characters a little longer and get to know each sibling intimately.

The Monroes are quite an interesting family.  All 4 siblings were adopted and had some troubling experiences in their early years.  They are Zach, Liam, Braxton and Chelsea.  Chelsea died from a ski accident and the other 3 siblings are trying to get over her death by their own means.  When she was still living, Chelsea bought an historic house and the brothers have now inherited it.  They are asking themselves whether they will sell the house or not.  That is until Zach found some of Chelsea’s binders, and then decided to make her dream come true.

The first book of the series is focusing on Zach. He is an alpha man, there is no doubt about it.  He used to be a bad boy and he is a man of few words.  Not necessarily the type of hero that I love the most, but he grew on me.  What I loved about him is that it was all about showing that he cared through actions.  He was completely messed up and we were witnessing his most intimate thoughts.  To see him fight so much with his emotions really touched me.  He is the embodiment of actions speaks louder than words.  Without giving away any spoilers, how he reacted with the dogs and Brock sold me to him.  We have the chance to see him grow and I just love this part.  Even though he is living with his demons, he is trying to do his best.  His behaviors at time were completely inappropriate, but still I like him (the author did a good job to get us to like him instead of everything).

I honestly don’t know how I feel about the other character: Sophie.  I had some difficulties to exactly have a clear idea of who she is.  Is she a strong woman or is she willing to give up everything (including her integrity) to follow her heart?  I am getting that she is bruised and that she is afraid of those feelings that are building inside of her.  I just think that some of her actions were not necessarily coherent with the portrait that was painted of her, especially toward the end of the story.  I am getting that there are emotions involved, but still, there was something missing from her part to really make her believable.  It might sound strange, but I have gotten a sense of a lack of self respect on her part in this story.  It was especially true when it was time to resolve conflict.  She was transforming into a doormat and I did not like it at all.

Where I had an issue in this book is with the ending. That felt rush, and I was taken aback.  It is not as bad as being left with a hook; but I felt it was not really believable.  I know that there will be a second book, but from what I read, it will be with Braxton, so that leaves me with a feeling of unfinished business.  Speaking of which, I have not felt a closure between Sophie and her parents. That situation is leaving me with some unanswered questions.

That is a good book, nothing extraordinary about it though. I hope that the second installment will be better.  It’s just needs a little sparkle to get me excited about the series. I think that it will be a pleasure to connect more with Zach’s brother in the next books (Braxton and Liam) and I have to mention that I hope Zach’s nosy neighbor will be back to try to impress one of the brother, because i just like her!



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Author InfoWrapped in You

National bestselling author Jules Bennett is a former salon owner turned full time author. Considering she met her husband at the age of fourteen and they’ve been together since, Jules knows a thing or two about romance and happily ever after. She and her husband live in the Midwest with their two young children. When Jules isn’t creating emotional, witty stories, she’s spending time with her family, working out or procrastinating on social media. She loves to hear from readers. You can connect with her through FacebookTwitter, or her Website.

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On any other day, Zach Monroe would avoid the very tempting, sexy Sophie Allen for several very valid reasons. First, she looked too damn good in her little skirts hugging those round hips. Second, she was dating some prick who didn’t deserve her, so Zach had no business lusting.

Most of all, though, he’d ruined her life years ago. He’d been cocky when he should’ve been responsible.

In a move that shocked him, Sophie had called earlier in the day and asked him to come by her office. Actually she’d called his work line, which rang to his cell. Apparently she wanted to keep this impromptu meeting professional. Whatever. The sooner he figured out what she wanted, she sooner he could leave and get back to his work. A career in construction meant limited time talking to people and plenty of time hammering out frustrations.

Zach tugged on the old oak door of the little town house where Sophie’s real estate office was located in Haven, Georgia. A single bell chimed, indicating his arrival.

The second he stepped over the threshold the scent of something floral hit him in the gut.

Sophie. Anytime he’d been around her she’d always smelled like flowers, like freshness and summertime.

Great, now he was sounding like a damn woman describing Sophie’s signature scent. He totally lost all control of his thoughts when he was anywhere near her.

A penance for his crime much worse than the year he’d spent in jail.

The small office space with the pale yellow walls, various green plants in colorful pots adorning the waiting area, looked inviting the way he imagined Sophie would want. Sunlight flooded through the wide front window, casting a beam directly into her little space in this world.

The woman he’d once considered a good friend, and possibly something more, rounded the end of the hallway, a document in one hand, pen in the other. She had one of those damn body-hugging skirts that stopped at her knees, this one in dark purple, paired with a simple gray sleeveless sweater and little flats in some animal print. Her golden hair spiraled down around her shoulders in soft curls he’d give anything to feel over his body. She never failed to steal his breath. That instant punch to the gut happened every single time she came near.

Sophie probably just saw him as a scruffy construction worker who drove a beat-up old truck that sounded worse than it looked.

Whereas he saw her as everything his life wasn’t: polished, beautiful, and pure. His childhood demons alone were enough to prove how different they truly were.

But it was her limp that got him in a stranglehold and tightened a vise around his chest. Some days her gait was more pronounced than others, but her handicap was always there, always twisting that knife a little deeper into his gut. Visual reminders of his screwups gutted him quicker than anything.

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