Review: Wronged by Sylvia McDaniel

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Review: Wronged by Sylvia McDaniel

Marian Cuvier didn't know how to react when she learned that the man she called husband and father to her children, Jean Cuvier, had been murdered. Yet, the biggest surprise was when the detective informed her that she's not the only woman Jean married. There are three Cuvier Widows and one is suspected of murder.

When Marian learned of her husband's death, humiliation, shock and anger were the only emotions she felt for Jean. For the last several years, their marriage has been in name only. Now she's determined to safeguard her children's future and save their only source of income, Cuvier Shipping. Jean's handsome business partner, Louis Fournet thinks Marian's should not be leading her husband's business. The man has a way with women that Marian finds alluring and arouses feelings she's never experienced. Louis Fournet is a temptation she finds hard to resist

Title: Wronged
Author: Sylvia McDaniel
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Series: Cuvier Widows
Other books in this series that we've reviewed: Betrayed, Beguiled
Published by Virtual Bookseller
Source: Author
Published: December 30, 2012
Genres: Historical Romace
Pages: 119
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Stars: four-stars

This first book in the Cuvier wives series is packed with an excitingly unique storyline about the murder of a businessman, Jean Cuvier.  After his body is discovered, the secrets that he’s been hiding are brought to light, revealing not two, but three different wives.  When his will is read, it is determined that his first and legal wife, Marian, is to take control of his share in the business he shares with Louis Fournier.  Determined to own the entire company so that he can sell it off and open a new business, Louis tries everything he can to convince Marian to give up her share.  Marian, ambitious and feeling a need to succeed with what her husband left her, refuses to give Louis what he’s after.  It’s during their struggle for power in the company that their attraction for one another grows.

The author has created a wonderful cast of characters that are interesting, as well as fun.  Their unique situation makes it difficult to relate, but allows you as the reader to get to know someone unfamiliar.  This makes the story all the more fun!  The relationship between Louis and Marian grows slowly, keeping you engaged and hopeful that they’ll find a happily ever after.  Their competitive need also provides some very gratuitous and erotic scenes.

I really enjoyed this book, and am looking forward to what is in store in this historical world of the Cuvier wives.

Sylvia McDaniel
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