Review: Y Negative by Kelly Haworth

November 18, 2015 Review 8

Review: Y Negative by Kelly Haworth

In the last surviving cities of a ruined world, the concept of “woman” has been forgotten to history. Those unfortunate enough to lack a Y chromosome live as second-class citizens in a world dominated by mascs.

Ember is Y negative. He is scorned, bullied, abused by every masc he encounters, at work and at the gym. Not even his Y negative roommate cuts him any slack. He wants so desperately to be accepted as a masc that he’d rather buy black market testosterone than food. Something’s gotta give—he needs a change in his life, but has no idea how to find it.

Jess is a masc with a passion for studying the recovery of their devastated world. His boyfriend is pressuring him for more commitment, and his father expects him to take over the family business. He can’t wait to get away from civilization for his seasonal research out in the wild.

When Jess offers Ember a job, their lives collide in the isolated wasteland, and their initial attraction turns into a relationship that horrifies those around them. Soon their struggle to stay together and to be who they are turns into a fight for their lives.

Title: Y Negative
Author: Kelly Haworth
Published by Riptide Publishing
Source: Author
Published: November 16th 2015
Genres: Dystopain, Male Male Romance
Pages: 317
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Stars: three-stars
Flames: four-flames
Riptide Publishing
I'm not exactly sure how to begin my review for Y Negative. After reading the blurb I found it really wasn't what I expected. Is it a good thing? Is it a bad thing? Here's what I think and you decide.

Ember is Y negative and he hates it. He's felt his whole life he was just... wrong. Bullied and looked down on he is struggling to survive. He knows something has got to change and it does when Jess walks into his life. Jess is a masc with a heart, a environmental heart. His passion is to studying the recovery of their devastated world. His boyfriend, Heath, is pressuring for him to commit. On top of that, his father is expecting him to take over the family business. All jess wants to do is take his yearly excursion research out in the wild. Needing a specialist he hires Ember.

I have this thing lately about reading dystopia stories that I find fascinating. All the possibilities of our actions if we don't straighten out what destructive course we are on and what kind a future that could happen. For those of you who don't know what Dystopia means according to Merriam Webster:

dystopia - noun : an imaginary place where people are unhappy and usually afraid because they are not treated fairly

Well, that there describes Y Negative to a T. Here's how it all works on this world. At the top you have masc (masculine) and seem to be all bullies. Next you got Andro (androgyny). After that is Y Negative. Quick biology lesson: Males have XY sex chromosomes, females have two X chromosomes. So naturally you would assume a y negative would be a woman right? WRONG! For what ever reason there are no women left. But how does the population keep going? By the male Y Negatives! They are the surrogates for the masc, having multiple babies and having them all taken away and given to the masc. Once a Y Negative has finished having all these babies, the start shooting up testosterone so they can be more masculine but they are pretty much in limbo - Andro. Andros and Y negatives I originally thought were like Ken dolls in the anatomy department. How quickly I found out how mistaken I was. Confused? Yeah, me too at first and it only gets more batcrap crazy.

The story moves very fast and at times is difficult to absorb. There's quite a bit of jargon that takes a while to grasp (See previous paragraph) some of which I never figured out. I got a het was a Heterosexual which is apparently a bad thing but someone please explain a exin to me. Ember is a likable enough character. His constant mental meanderings about 'poor me' do, on occasion, get real old. Jess is also likable enough although his internal thoughts always had me thinking he was more of a y-neg than Ember. The adventure they find themselves on is both interesting and at time devastating to think it had all come to this. There's not a lot of secondary characters. However, the few that are definitely help give a understanding of this insane world. All of this ends on a HEA that doesn't exactly have a cliffy but you can tell if the author wanted to write another book, there is definitely a way I can see it happening.

Y Negative is my first book by author Kelly Haworth. As crazy as this book sounds, it was fascinating to read. She's created a very interesting world that does give your brain a workout. Her presentation of a all male world may be difficult to swallow but it certainly would make you pause and think: What would a world with only one gender be like?



Hi guys!  I’m Kelly Haworth here with my debut release Y NEGATIVE.  At various stops on this book tour, I’ll be sharing with you what it’s like to live in Ember’s world: where mascs rule and a guy’s gotta fight for his right to live and love freely.  Posts will range from what the difference between a masc and an andro is, to what on earth a guy does for fun in a dystopia.  Hope you come along for this in-depth look. You’ll also have a chance to win a $20 Riptide voucher!


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Kelly Haworth grew up in San Francisco and has been reading science fiction and fantasy classics since she was a kid. She developed way too active an imagination as a result, thus, she started writing. Being genderfluid and pansexual, she loves to write LGBTQ+ characters in genres such as science fiction with diverse aliens, and urban fantasies with shifters and fire sorcerers. With degrees in both genetics and psychology, she works as a project manager at a genetics lab. When not working or writing, she can be found wrangling her toddler, working on cosplay, or curled up on the couch with a good TV show or a good book.


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  1. jenf27

    Thanks for the post and review. I do love dystopia and science fiction, so have put this one on my TBR list. The tour has been quite interesting so far.


  2. Lisa

    Looking forward to reading it, I’ve added to my wishlist. legacylandlisa (at) gmail (dot) com