Review: Yogi and the Bear by Nix Knox

April 17, 2015 Review 1

Review: Yogi and the Bear by Nix Knox

If the fall is inevitable, might as well enjoy the tumble.

Months after a scaffolding accident leaves him in chronic agony, construction worker Ryan Powell has exhausted all that Western medicine has to offer. He’s willing to try anything, even yoga, to get some relief.

He expected to feel out of place at the New Age Center, but he never expected a power-outage bathroom encounter to magically erase his pain. When he discovers the man with the magic hands is his drop-dead-sexy yoga teacher, Ryan decides that there might just be something to this metaphysical thing, after all.

Yogi Niklas Baumgartner has found it remarkably easy to keep his shiny vow of chastity untarnished—until now. Still, a bathroom hand job doesn’t really count as sex, right? But his footing on the no-nooky wagon slips when he realizes the big, blond bear at the back of the class is his man in the dark.

Their unlikely attraction brings out sides of themselves they never knew lurked beneath the surface, sides it takes courage to accept. But when trust is broken, repairing the damage might just tear them apart.

Warning: Contains a gentle giant, a dominant orgo-bunny, a pair of weighty manacles, too many movie references, accidental porn, overcoming stereotypes, and deliciously kinky sex.


Title: Yogi and the Bear
Author: Nix Knox
Published by Samhain Publishing
Source: Publisher
Published: 21 April, 2015
Genres: BDSM, Male Male Romance
Pages: 21 April, 2015
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: four-flames

I don’t quite know what I was expecting from Yogi and the Bear, but Nix Knox exceeded any expectations I may have had for this book.  I was completely drawn in and engaged from nearly the first sentence, Ryan is adorable: big, strong and the epitome of a gentle giant. Fun loving and almost all bluster with no bite, he’s hard not to like and enjoy. An accident at work has left Ryan with some chronic pain, and he’s struggled with managing it in many ways with no real solution.  On a whim he decides to try the yoga class at the New Age Center, and the story is off and running!

Nik is a smaller and wiry guy, the polar opposite of Ryan. A yoga instructor, he’s a very solid and well-portrayed introvert: comfortable only in situations that he can manage. His childhood upheavals and trauma led to him leaving home at 16, and he’s never allowed himself a relationship or connection with anyone in any meaningful way.  When he first encounters Ryan in the bathroom, he’s intrigued, but hands off. Until a freak power outage and a hot man drop more than his inhibitions.

A relationship, not just a romance, is what follows: real feelings displayed with humor and honesty that quickly spin to have you in tears, the emotion that is on the page reaches out and grabs at your heart. Both Nik and Ryan have a serious amount of growing to do, individually and together, although Ryan is far more in touch with his own feelings and desires, and much more vocal about both.  A huge bonus for this book is the honest depiction of a relationship:  both are interested in exploring the edges and pushing the limits, but Knox doesn’t make their first encounters with BDSM into a rule-free zone. In fact, they get advice and promptly ignore it, finding an encounter that pushes buttons and leaves them both questioning their relationship. While not a matter of not discussing sex, or anything really, this book is laden with honest portrayals of desires, fantasies and what ifs that are the foundation of any healthy adult relationship, but are most certainly integral to a well-functioning BDSM experience.  And, while not every chapter is laden with sexy and steamy moments, there are more than enough to please my inner voyeur.

What emerges is one of the better m/m romances that I have read in quite a while, with characters that are so real they breathe from the pages, dotted with humor, tears and plenty of love.



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  1. Pansy Petal

    I am so pleased to see this got a good – okay great – review! It is on my wish list. Thank you. I really look forward to reading now.