Review:Closer and Closer (Enclave #1) by Jenna Barton

March 24, 2015 Review 0

Review:Closer and Closer (Enclave #1) by Jenna Barton

Dominance and submission. The delicate balance between hurts so good and too hot to handle. They’re not just kinky trends for the members of The Enclave, a tight-knit group gathering in a Gilded Age mansion secluded in the North Carolina mountains. Come Closer... For Erin Proctor, life has always been about working hard, creating stability, and succeeding. She plays it safe, watching from a distance. Then she encounters an unpredictable, sensual world she’s always known was there, but didn’t believe she could belong to. Walt Easton is straightforward and unpretentious, a big, earthy man in possession of himself—and a fierce set of solid leather floggers. Once he and Erin meet, their attraction is undeniable. Walt wants a full relationship, not just fun in the playroom. Their kinky adventures can be negotiated later. They've finally found a relationship that can let them explore who they fully are. But can Walt accept that while he's in charge in their private lives, when it comes to her job, Erin is the one in charge? Will Erin take the risk of letting down her walls and allowing Walt in all the way? The biggest risk, after all, isn’t mixing pain and pleasure. It’s finding yourself—in love. The first book of The Enclave series will bring you Closer to your desire.

Title: Closer and Closer
Author: Jenna Barton
Series: The Enclave
Other books in this series that we've reviewed: Undying Destiny, Undying Embrace , Undying Desire, Undying Hunger
Published by Omnific Publishing
Source: Publisher
Published: February 10th 2014
Genres: BDSM, Erotic Romance
Pages: 360 pages
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: four-flames

The story begins with Erin Proctor, a successful IT executive who has just relocated from to North Carolina from California. She is very structured. Things have their place. She flusters easily when she doesn’t have the answers she thinks she needs or when she doesn’t know how to handle a situation. She meets Claire at her local dentist and becomes fascinated with her when she realizes she is wearing a collar under her work uniform. She’s always been interested in BDSM but never really pursued it beyond the internet. Claire invites her to a couple of get-togethers and Erin is very interested in learning more. She meets new people at a party and one of them is a hunky, Walt Easton.

Walt is a park ranger. He runs the local state park and is very particular about how things need to be. He’s a very perceptive, large man who also has a very tender side. He is a dominate, but refuses to label himself as such. People have different versions of what that means and he prefers to make his own definition. He has had a rough go through life so far. He’s had mistrustful subs in the past and is wary of Erin and her intentions.

The attraction between Erin and Walt was palatable from the instant they met. You could feel their connection. What they do is embark on a soul searching journey of discovery. As Erin learns what BDSM is to her, she learns so much about the real man Walt is and what he comes to mean to her. Even more enlightening is what she learns about herself along the way. No one has ever looked at her the way he does, and it’s like he sees right into her soul. He reads her so well and just get’s her! Walt is very patient with Erin and so content to explore at her pace so she doesn’t get scared. Their stuggles and emotional journeys were so inspiring to read! Layer by layer each one is stripped down to their real selves. What they find with each other is very uplifting.

Closer and Closer is labeled as a BDSM book, and it does have some scenes, but I would not call this a hard-core BDSM book.   This is a love story with a bit of kink! It’s Jenna Barton’s first book in the Enclave Series so maybe additional books may delve into this genre more. The characters from hero and heroine to the wide range of supporting characters are so well written- you really understand how each of them think and react the way they do. Each are all captivating in their own right so I see the next books in the series centering on some of these characters. Jenna’s written a gem and I am looking forward to reading more in the series!



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