Review/Interview: Together in Cyn (Members Only #1) by Jennifer Kacey

July 6, 2013 Review 3

Review/Interview: Together in Cyn (Members Only #1) by Jennifer Kacey

A small book sitting out on a table shouldn’t incite fear in anyone.

But what if that book was your diary and you learned your two best friends, men you have ached for your entire life, have just read every last word? Pages and pages filled with dark fantasies and forbidden dreams so explicit they leave nothing to the imagination.
And what if those two friends were included in every last one?

This is exactly where Cyn Andrews now finds herself.
Stuck somewhere between wanting to hate Jared and Chris Kennedy for violating her privacy and just plain wanting to be stuck somewhere between them. She could never choose only one brother, so she’s kept her feelings buried for more than a decade, and a past mistake has kept her silent and alone…until now.

Everything she’s ever wanted may have just been handed to her in the form of an invitation to The Library. Not just a building filled with books, but a members only BDSM club the brothers own and have kept hidden from her for years.

Is it pity or desire that fueled the invitation?
What other secrets have they been keeping from her?
Can she protect her heart and face her biggest fear while discovering the art of submitting to two Doms?

It’d be a sin not to find out…

Inside Scoop: If you have a kink, this book probably has it too. If you like your ménage romances extra hot with a side of male-male romance, spanking, voyeurism and girl-on-girl action, come and get it.

Title: Together in Cyn
Author: Jennifer Kacey
Other books by this author that we've reviewed: A Very Menage Christmas, Haleigh's Ink, Orgasm University, Accidental Voyeur
Series: Members Only
Other books in this series that we've reviewed: A Very Menage Christmas, Haleigh's Ink, Orgasm University, Accidental Voyeur
Published by Ellora's Cave
Source: Publisher
Published: June 12, 2013
Genres: Erotic Romance
Pages: 113
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-flames

Reviewed by Mustang Sally

If you’ve ever wondered “why not me,” you will completely relate to Cyn’s baggage and her desire for love from the object, or objects, of her affection.  Cyn has been in love, or is it lust, for years with not one, but two men…brothers.  Knowing their friendship was more important to her than her fulfillment, Cyn writes all of her wants, dreams, and fantasies in her journal.  When she realizes that Jared and Chris know she fears their “love them and leave them” past will be her future.  After years of pining from a distance and getting upset when they didn’t choose her, all her dreams become reality when they admit their desires for her as well…THEY can make her dreams come true.  The brothers have lived this lifestyle for years and are ecstatic when they realize the object of their affection is exactly who and what they need and can be exactly what she needs as well.

This was a quick, dirty, and taboo read.  I loved it.  Although it follows most BDSM lines, this one has a few twists that will make you want to submit.  For those that don’t “get” BDSM because they see the negative side, this quick read shows the care and affection side of the DOM/sub relationship and not just the sex – that was nice.  Jennifer Kasey is a relatively new author and I look forward to more of her work in the future.  She definitely has the ability to spin a story and let you feel like you are a voyeur in the room.

I was given an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.

Ellora’s Cave –


A little about myself…

I’m 33, a mother, a wife, a business owner, a writer, a church choir member, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a lover, and a high-heels addict. Mmm…shoes.

Interesting writing quirk…

Two actually. I’ve never started a book at the actual beginning before. I’ll normally start with a crucial scene that sets the tone/flavor of the book. And I always write a sex scene first! Not intentionally, since I JUST realized I did this, but it reminds me from moment one I can write as much sex into my books as I want and there’s someone else out there that is going to LOVE it!

When not writing…

Sleep is a luxury since I work around 50 hours a week, plus write at night and on weekends. I sing 1st soprano in our church choir and help a tiny bit with the audio/video graphics for the service as well. I enjoy baking A LOT, and love to crochet. Oh, and I read too!! (when I have time. J)

Coping with writer’s block…

Thankfully I don’t get it very often and I started out being a pantser so I think I was really lucky, or just had a lot to say. J With nine more books under contract for this series I’ve switched to a plotter. I wrote the outline for Haleigh’s Ink and it was 38 pages. That makes writer’s block even less of an occurrence since it’s all right there in front of me. I just have to flesh it out.

But if I ever do get it. I get up and clean the house, or bake, or run errands. Something that will physically remove me from the block but still allow me to ponder the scene I’m having trouble with. It happens to the best of us, but at least I can check a few more things off my to-do list while trying to solve the block issue.

Staring at the screen does not do it for me. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

One surprising something…

I was a wall flower when I was growing up, and you meet me now, good Lord it’s like I’ve had a personality transplant. My self confidence was slight to non-existent. I don’t even think my mom, who is one of my best friends, knows how shy I was. I put on a brave face I think. I competed in gymnastics for years and years, sang in choir, had lots of great friends but I never felt content in my own skin. All that changed when I went to college and met my husband. Lord help the rest of you, cause there’s no way my genie’s going back into that bottle. J

Current WIP…

Haleigh’s Ink, is Book Two in the Members Only Series. It’s about a breast cancer survivor. She sets up an appointment with the owner of Inkfluence, Scott, after grilling him on tattoos from color photographs. She shows up and throws him for a complete loop, asking to get her nipples pierced instead. Her best friend from high school, Kyle, who walked away from her with no explanation shows up. Scott and Kyle are a couple, but Haleigh wants them both.

Loved writing this story and it is VERY personal to me. J


I get ideas from everywhere!! Dreams, magazine articles, blog posts, talking to readers, talking to my editor, even sharing fantasies with my husband. I think romance strikes a cord with so many people, notwithstanding paranormal, because it is the best of what is normal. It is the hottest, sexiest men, doing everyday things in such a way a reader (male or female) can live in that perfect moment with the characters. I love taking a seemingly mundane activity, like taking a shower or grocery shopping or going to work, and turning it into something extraordinary.

Best advice about writing…

I’ve got lots so you get a few! Find the real you, and never settle for anything less. Write for yourself then find people that will love it. Write lots of sex, because it’s hot and readers like sex!! Show…don’t tell.

A day in the life…

If I could spend the day with any one of my hero’s I’d have to pick Nick Love, aka Casanova. He is in book one and two, but finally gets to have some real fun in book three and four. We’d go to The Library OF COURSE, which is the Members Only BDSM club all of the stories in this series are set in. Nick tends to chafe people just enough to heighten any and all situations he is in. He’s hot, loyal, an Alpha Dom with a capital Mmm… and he doesn’t mind sharing. There just isn’t anything wrong with a heck of a lot of naughty between friends, and if he decided to bring along a couple of buddies to our play date, ummm… then who am I to complain?

First Convention Ever…

I’m going to Romanticon in the middle of Oct 2013. This will be my very first convention/signing I’ve ever been to. It’s hard for me to find time to take off and do something solely for me. I’m making time for this one. To think I’ll be on the signing side of the table as well as a fan girl is so freakin’ awesome!

I’ll get to meet and greet everyone at Ellora’s Cave who has been so amazingly wonderful and supportive. I’ll get to hug my editor’s neck and give her super squeezy hugs for helping me, and believing in me. And uhh **coughCAVEMENcough**… It’s going to be the funnest (yes I know this isn’t a word but I’m making it one for today) four days of the year. I can’t wait!

Unedited Excerpt

“So, Cyn, why aren’t you fucking anybody?”

I sucked a mouthful of beer down the wrong pipe, sputtered and coughed my way through it, and nearly knocked over the glass bottle as I got it under control. The beer anyways. After wheezing through another breath I moved my drink farther away. “Where in the hell did that come from?”

Jared Kennedy, one of my best friends, glanced at my fingers as I worried a heart charm at the bottom of a silver chain. A knowing smirk tilted his lips when he looked back up. “Oh, come on. Nobody creaming your Twinkie at the moment or do you not like sex in general? We want to know. So don’t be shy, just spit it out.”

The other half of the we he referred to was his fraternal twin Chris, who stood watching us across an empty dance floor and behind their bar thirty feet away. Still anxiously working the pendant back and forth, I turned once more to Jared.

He leaned back in his chair, arms crossed over his broad chest and an expectant smile pulling at his full lips. The brothers had always done that. Known just the right face to make so I would answer anything. They acted broody or impatient, and I ’d give anything to make them happy. Pathetic—my middle name when it comes to these two.

“I like it, J. As much as anybody does, I guess. Whether I like it as much as you and Chris, I don’t know. Your appetites have always run on the high side according to the gossipmongers around town.” I squirmed in my seat. I admit it. One of my best friends was asking me if I liked sex and all I could think was…meh. My sex life…well, visualize the Titanic sinking and you get the gist. Most guys don’t appreciate being called another guy’s name—or two guys’ names—when you’re getting off. It’s a real deal breaker apparently.

“Uh huh. It’s Saturday night, and you’re here, just like last night. Guys hit on you but you turn them down flat. You work at the gym all day and help out here anytime we ask. Love our time together on the weekends, just you and me, and I know you’ve been helping Chris during the week too. CJ’s has gotten damn busy, and we dig the help, but you’ve been restless lately and we’ve both noticed. What gives?”

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