Review: Do Him Right by Cerise DeLand

April 24, 2014 Review 0

Review: Do Him Right by Cerise DeLand

Shana ruined rodeo champion Chet Stapleton years ago with hastily written words. Now a PR pro, she's engineered a plan to make amends. She'll successfully promote his rodeo, soothe her conscience and leave. Trouble is, she can't keep her hands off the smooth talker or call a halt to their smokin'-hot sex.

Chet takes one glance at Shana and develops an itch to put his boots under her bed...permanently. He's won awards for taming willful fillies so he can't understand why he can't break Shanna's stubborn refusal to open up to him.

The closer Shana gets to Chet, the more she wants to stay, in his life and in his bed. But to do that she'll have to tell him everything-and risk being rejected. One thing is certain, if Shana doesn't put the past to rest, she'll never be able to grab the future-or the cowboy she wants most.

Title: Do Him Right
Author: Cerise DeLand
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Source: Publisher
Published: March 28 2014
Genres: Erotic Western Contemporary Romance
Pages: 185
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Stars: two-half-stars
Flames: four-half-flames

Shana Carpenter wants to help ex-rodeo rider Chet Stapleton get his rodeo promoted and become successful.  A few years before she wrote a mean article about him that got him kicked out of the rodeo circuit and since then she has harbored a lot of guilt.  Once they meet sparks fly and Shana knows that if she tells him who she really is he will never forgive her and she will have to leave the man she has come to love.

I wasn’t a huge fan of this book.  I started to like it more towards the end but not enough to read it again and probably not anything else by this author.  It may be my mood but I felt there was too much sex.  When the main characters meet there are four pages where Shana is thinking about how much she wants to have sex with Chet.  Within these pages is repetition of statements, thoughts and sentences.  I felt there was too much build up. If she had just desired him and then they jumped each other fine.  But there was too much inner monolouge-ing for me.

The sex scenes were plentiful and hot.  Every other page seemed to have Chet and Shana going at it but they did mix it up.  Shana wasn’t all that experienced with sex but with Chet she had no boundaries and was willing to try/do anything once.

We are introduced to several interesting side characters and the small town that houses the rodeo was a great backdrop to the story.  I just wish there had been more story and less sex.  I know this is an erotic romance but I like a bit more plot.  Also I didn’t really get their disagreement.  One minute they are doing light bondage with anal play and the next Shana is leaving.  I didn’t really get the climax of the book.  There was no big fight just them acting unsure around each other then a third party makes things awkward and Shana leaves.

I did like the ending. We finally got Shana and Chet having a conversation without sex being involved! I could see the connection throughout the story between Shana and Chet even with them not talking much but the last chapter where they start to bare their hearts was great.


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