Review: A Shot of Cupid by Elizabeth Wilde

August 10, 2016 Review 0

Review: A Shot of Cupid by Elizabeth Wilde

Connor’s life is always an absolute disaster around Valentine’s Day. Since he was just a kid, he’s had the power to see people’s soulmates and bring them together with a well-placed blow, and Valentine’s is his busiest season. Love has always been nothing more than a job to him at best, and a curse at worst. So when the beautiful Simon takes a barstool and buys Connor a drink, he looks like just another lonely soul in need of saving.

But, in Connor’s life, things are rarely that simple, and in the search for Simon’s soulmate, lines begin to blur.

For a man who knows so much about falling in love, Connor never could’ve imagined a day when it might happen to him. As he experiences life like never before, Connor starts to realize that love might not be such a curse after all.

Until he has to hand Simon over to his soulmate, anyway.

Title: A Shot of Cupid
Author: Elizabeth Wilde
Published by Nine Star Press
Source: Publisher
Published: 8 February, 2016
Genres: Fantasy Romance, Male Male Romance
Pages: 60
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: half-flame
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Oh what a sweet story with a wonderful premise.  Elizabeth Wilde brings us Connor, blessed (or perhaps cursed) with the ability to see the soulmate of everyone he meets, he’s spent most of his life making those matches for people. But, he’s a bit disillusioned by it all, never having that ZING moment for himself.

Drowning his sorrows at the bar, he meets Simon, a gorgeous hunk offering to buy him a drink, he instantly has that ‘here we go again’ moment.  But things are seriously different here: he likes Simon, more than anyone else he’s encountered.  Oh, and there’s a soulmate for him, but Connor can’t see just who that person is. How is he to complete this task?

Connor decides that if he spends time with Simon, gets to know him, the features of his soulmate will appear. But, the downside to getting to know him means that Connor is finding it harder to keep a ‘professional distance’.  I loved Connor and his willingness to help, even when it meant he was shuffled off to the side. But there’s something special about Simon, they’re so compatible and adorable, and these two are super cute together. We see their connection grow, something that Connor misses until he’s hooked, and that just made the whole story better. You never really know when you’ll find that special someone, and while Connor is focused on his ‘mission’ he completely misses what’s directly in front of him for the longest time.

Wilde’s writing is wonderful, building the characters and showing readers just how perfect they are for one another, restoring everyone’s faith in love.  A fun short story with plenty of heart and intrigue, and just the ticket when you are feeling less than in love with the concept of love.


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