Review: Sweet Perdition (Four Horsemen MC #1) by Cynthia Rayne

July 3, 2014 Review 1

Review: Sweet Perdition (Four Horsemen MC #1) by Cynthia Rayne

Librarian Elizabeth Williams is drinking her cares away at Perdition, a notorious biker bar in her hometown of Hell, TX. She meets Ryker, a member of the Four Horsemen MC and they start a fun, sexual fling. Ryker finds himself falling for Elizabeth, but an outlaw has no business with a “good girl”. Hell, he’s not even sure he’d be worthy of one. Meanwhile, Elizabeth is being stalked by her ex and Carl’s behavior is becoming more and more erratic. Can Ryker protect Elizabeth without losing his heart?

Title: Sweet Perdition
Author: Cynthia Rayne
Other books by this author that we've reviewed: Hot as Hades
Series: Four Horsemen MC
Other books in this series that we've reviewed: Hot as Hades
Published: July 3 2014
Genres: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Pages: 165
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: four-flames

Elizabeth has just been to the wedding between her ex and best friend. She doesn’t love the ex anymore but having to wear an ugly bridesmaid dress while watching your best friend and ex make out made her head straight for the first bar she found. That’s how she ends up in a biker bar and meets Riker, a bad a** biker that likes his women with curves but no intention of settling down.

From the beginning we get dual points of views which I loved. It was great seeing how Ryker was reacting to Elizabeth, or Pinky as he calls her, and how she sees him and his lifestyle. He had no intention of having a relationship with a woman unfamiliar with the biker lifestyle or any woman for that matter. But with Elizabeth he starts to think that maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to always have her around. Elizabeth is a librarian so the biker life is completely foreign to her. She is a law-abiding citizen but when she starts to get to know Ryker she can’t help but think that maybe being an old lady wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

Ryker and Elizabeth are pretty hot together. Ryker likes to be in control and try things a bit out of the box. He pushes Elizabeth to try new things and helps her become more comfortable sexually which in turn helps her be more confident in her everyday life. Ryker is very much an Alpha and takes what he wants (within reason, he wouldn’t rape a woman). He finds himself doing things with Elizabeth that he’s never done before; date, literally sleep with, have romantic dinners, ect. She brings out a side of himself he didn’t know he had.

There are a lot of characters introduced in this book. I believe they are all bikers but they are mostly single and hot so it made for some good reading. The pages flew by. The dialogue and characters were interesting and the book was over before I knew it.

I do wish we had seen them as a settled couple for more page time. It seemed the whole book they were fighting about being a couple but when they seem to settle into a relationship, the book ends. I was pleased with the ending. I would have liked an actual epilogue but what we get was satisfying.




Character Interview

Welcome to Hell. Texas, that is. Home of the Four Horsemen, MC.

To interview Ryker, we stopped by the Four Horsemen’s clubhouse and bar, Perdition. Everything about the establishment shouts biker bar. From the rows of tricked out Knucklehead and Harley bikes outside, to the building itself. It must have been a warehouse at one point and still has exposed pipes threading through the high vaulted ceiling overhead. A couple of antique Harleys hang suspended from the ceiling on chains and a long lacy string of ladies panties wraps around the walls, along with framed pictures of scantily-clad women draped over bikes. Think on Your Sins, the club mottos is painted in blood red, the letters dripping down one large white washed brick wall.

We sat down with Ryker, but his brothers couldn’t resist checking out what was going on and we welcomed the chance to get to know Cowboy, Duke and Shepherd a little better. We love the way they bust on each other, just like family.

And frankly there are worse things than being surrounded by a group of hot bikers.

We whisper to ourselves as they get situated.

Sara: Ryker is taller than I thought. And look at those big blue eyes!

Cynthia: Boy howdy. And he wears those tight jeans better than a Calvin Klein model, even with all the tats and leather and stuff.

We both notice that he’s gone shirtless today and we swear to God, you could grate cheese on his abs, so they are so pronounced.

Ryker:(winks knowingly) I went shirtless just for you, ladies.

Sara: ( staring at his chest) That’s so nice of you….

Cynthia: Focus!

We scope out the rest of the brothers, discretely, with only minimal drool…

Shepherd is tall and blond with a rangy build, dressed in a pair of battered jeans and a black hoodie with the club motto emblazoned on the front.

Cowboy , a brunette with some serious five o’clock shadow and wearing a red t-shirt under his cut, along with dark blue jeans and a pair of Texas flag cowboy boots.

While, Duke has more of pirate look. Tanned skin, a neatly trimmed beard, black hair that falls just below his ears, and dark penetrating eyes.

Sara: (nodding to Ryker) Why did you decide to join the Four Horsemen?

Ryker: (smiles slyly) You might call it the family business. My brother, Axel, is also a Horsemen and my dad, Joker, used to be (the smile fades) before he died in the pen.

Sara: (hastily glancing at the rest of the group). Anyone else?

Shepherd: (he lights a menthol cigarette and leans back in his chair). I’m all about the brotherhood, sweetheart.

Cynthia: How did you get your road name?

Shepherd: Because I lead prospects to the promise land that is the Four Horsemen, MC.

Cowboy: (nods to his boots) Used to be a rodeo star, darlin’.

Duke: (icily) No comment.

Ryker: You’ll have to forgive him, darlin, he’s a spoiled little rich boy who decided to play biker.

The tension in the room suddenly ratchets up and we stare at each other, blinking.

Sara: (whispering to Cynthia) Maybe we should haul ass to the car and get the hell out of Hell.

Cynthia: (nodding emphatically). We are so on the same page, same damn word (we both start to get up)

Duke: (places a hand on each of our shoulders and we don’t dare move) No one said you could leave. (glares at Ryker) You want to say that to me one more time, Ken doll?

Shepherd: (speaks very quietly but it’s clear that he’s speaking as the VP, not just another brother) We

got company, if you want to whip ‘em out later and measure be my guest. For now, chill the fuck out.

Ryker: (flips Duke off behind Shepherd’s back and then gives us a wicked grin) Anyway, where were we? My road name’s Ryker because I go where no man’s gone before!

Duke: (snorts as he slumps in a chair once more and hooks a thumb at a group of nearly naked women hanging out around the bar) More like he’s gone where every man has gone before.

Ryker: So, I like a hellion now and then. Who doesn’t? Least I ain’t into the kinky shit you are, brother.

Cynthia: (flushing at the kinky comment, but letting it drop). What’s a hellion exactly?

Duke: Basically free-range pussy but maybe you should ask Ryker, since he’s the expert.

Shepherd: (he interjects quickly, before another argument can break out). Just women who hang around the club. Girls with daddy issues and a biker fixation. No big deal.

Cynthia: If you could have your own theme song, what would it be?

Cowboy: They play bullshit 80s rock all the time around here, but I’m a Johnny Cash fan. The Man in Black is the only way to go.

Shepherd: Life is a Highway (we can see the slightest bit of a blush creeping up his neck, clearly he associates that song with someone special)

Ryker: (shoots a look at his brothers). She didn’t ask either of you, wait your fuckin’ turn. This is my God damn interview, remember? (he ponders it a moment, glances at the antique juke box along the wall and then nods) Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leppard

Cynthia: Why that song?

Ryker: (he raises a brow). Lyrics say it all darlin’. ’cause I’m hot… sticky sweet…from my headto my feet

We laugh as the guys slap him on the back, in what we assume is congratulations for being a world class manwhore.

Sara: Okay, so we have time for one more question. What are three of your guilty pleasures?

Cowboy: Cowboy boots, Voodoo’s buttermilk biscuits, and my horse, Cash. I’d take him over my bike any day of the week.

Duke: (smirks and then speaks in a silky voice) I don’t feel guilty about any of my pleasures

Ryker: Hellions, my Harley, Lucy, and Fireball Whiskey

Shepherd: (crooks a finger at Sara) Let me whisper it to you, sweetheart. (She leans in and he speaks softly. ) Bluegrass music, menthol cigarettes, and Doctor Who

Sara: (her eyes round) Seriously?

Shepherd: (gives a lopsided grin) Bowties are cool.

Ryker: (making a face) What the fuck? Bowties?! Now that’s some sick shit, brother.

Shepherd: Speaking of, why don’t you let one of the hellions sprinkle some sugar on you, dickhead?

Sweet Perdition is Book One of the Four Horsemen Series, coming out July 3rd. The Four Horsemen series will be written by both Cynthia Rayne and her sister, Sara Rayne. For more information on the series, please visit where you can read some club history, sign up to be a hellion, and get the latest news on upcoming releases!



Ryker made her feel things she hadn’t ever felt before. Sex with Carl had been fine. Just not like anything she’d ever read in a romance novel. She’d expected fireworks, but that never panned out. But Ryker? Just watching the animal way he stalked through the parking lot turned her on. Of course, that could just be her dormant hormones coming back to life.

Ryker made her quiver, just from staring at her. Made her stomach flip over and twist itself into little bitty knots.

He had big blue eyes and black hair, and abdominal muscles you could grate cheese on. Around his neck, he wore a galloping horse pendent, suspended on a long silver chain. He filled out a pair of tattered blue jeans better than any Calvin Klein model. His black t-shirt strained to contain his muscular arms. On his bicep, he had the club logo tattooed. On the other arm, tattoos of grim, hooded figures on horseback. His club’s namesakes.

While she followed him, she got a real good look at his worn leather vest. A galloping horse patch with red blazing flames read: Four Horsemen. Along the bottom of the vest, a Hell patch, the name of their town. Right below it, another patch, which said Phoenix Chapter. Odd, since last time she checked, Phoenix was in Arizona, but whatever.

Ryker wasn’t some poser either. Hot and a little scary. Everyone in town knew the Four Horsemen. They blazed around on Harleys wearing leather and not taking crap from anyone which didn’t exactly lend itself to blending in. The club was the subject of town gossip and rumors. She’ d heard all sorts of wild stories. Like they cooked meth, or they owned brothels in Vegas, or they ran an illegal gambling operation. No one knew how much truth lay in any of the stories, but everyone in Hell loved to speculate.

They stopped in front of a sleek bike with red and white accents, from what she could see in the meager light provided by the bar’s neon red sign. The bar’s name, Perdition, was surrounded by red flames. Hellfire, she supposed.

“This is Lucy.” He caressed the black leather seat as though stroking a treasured pet.

“Is that a kind of motorcycle?” She didn’t know anything about bikes. Though she thought it was

cute. All red, white, and chrome.

“No, she’s a Harley Davidson Soft tail Deuce. Call her Lucky Lucille, or Lucy for short. Won her in a game of Texas Hold ‘Em.” He paused a moment. “Before we go, I have to give you the rules.”

Hold up. “Rules? What is it with you and all these regulations? You don’t really strike me as a rule follower.”

And frankly that devil-may-care attitude made him an intoxicating mixture of dangerous and exciting. Ryker could be the poster boy for poor life decisions.

“I’m not, but these rules came straight from Axel, our road captain. By the way, he’s also my real big brother in addition to being a club brother. And he’s a real pain in the ass but he’s responsible for making sure our runs are safe.

“Road captain?” she asked. They had their own lingo, and apparently officers. She’d never have guessed bikers could be organized.

Until meeting Ryker, Elizabeth’s knowledge about motorcycle clubs had been limited to the library‘s section on bikers. Sometimes, she checked the books out, drooled over pictures. Something very appealing about a hot, bad boy on a chrome machine. But it had only been a fantasy. Until tonight.

“Yeah, a road captain is in charge when we go out on a run. Suits him well. He’s bossy as fuck. Anyway, I need to give you the 411. First rule of the road, you gotta wear a brain bucket.”

“You lost me.”

“A helmet,” he explained. “Second rule, when girls ride on the bike, they forfeit their panties.”

She must have blanked on that last one. “Excuse me?”

“You heard me. Sort of like paying a toll.” He gave her a salacious grin. “You saw that long string of panties strung up around the bar, didn’t you?”

“Yeah.” She scowled. “That’s where those came from?” Ladies underwear of every size and description had been tacked together starting behind the bar and had extended down the length of the room like some sort of peeping Tom’s idea of a clothes line. “But I won this ride.”

“Too bad.” He licked his lips. “No panties? No ride.” He crossed his arms over his wide chest.

“Rules is rules.”

She thought about protesting. She wasn’t the type of girl who handed her underwear to a strange man. But what the hell? How many chances did a girl get to have a ride with a bonafide biker? This would make a great story one day. And after the crappy night she’d had, she deserved a treat so she could play along. “Fine. I’ll take them off. Where’s the restroom?”

He shook his head. “No, you’re gonna take your them off here, darlin’. I want to watch you wiggle out of them.”

What?! For a moment she couldn’t say anything. She just stood there and gaped at him.

He stared back, practically daring her.

And the heat rippled between them.













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