Review: Tempting Trouble by Savannah Stuart

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Review: Tempting Trouble by Savannah Stuart

Tempting Trouble: two stories of erotic romance

Story 1: Tempting Witness

When Madison Dubois witnesses a terrible crime, she goes to the only place she knows she'll be safe, Detective Rafe Jackson's house. Rafe has been in love with Madison Dubois for longer than he cares to admit. Unfortunately for him, she views him as a big brother. Or so he thinks. When she shows up on his doorstep terrified for her life, he has no choice but to keep her safe. Undeniable sparks fly when they’re forced to share a roof but unless he can keep her alive, their relationship might not have a chance to even start.

*Novella length*

Story 2: Better Late Than Never (bonus short story)

For the past year Randall Phillips has kept his distance from sexy Lindsay Taylor. When she’s in a car accident, everything is put into perspective and he throws all his rules out the window. They share a heated kiss but for the weeks she’s on temporary leave she ignores his calls. Now that it’s her first day back at work, he plans to convince her they’re meant to be together. When he finally gets her alone he shows her all the physical pleasures she’s been missing out on. Can he convince her he’s playing for keeps?

Title: Tempting Trouble
Author: Savannah Stuart
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Source: Publisher
Published: May 5 2013
Genres: Erotic Romance
Pages: 94
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Stars: three-half-stars
Flames: three-half-flames

This book is a novella and a short story featuring two different couples. They are not connected in any way so they can easily be read as stand alones.

Tempting Witness

Flames 4
Stars 3.5

Detective Rafe Jackson has had a crush on his best friends little sister Madison Dubois for years.  When she witnesses a crime he takes her to his house to keep her safe.  Madison has always thought that Rafe saw her as a little sister so she is surprised when he kisses her.

This is a novella so we don’t get too much depth in the characters or story line.  I did enjoy this story. It was pretty light and quick as well as fairly predictable.  That being said the sex between Madison and Rafe was pretty hot and each scene was different and exciting to read.  There wasn’t a lot to the plot of this story, the crime Madison witnesses puts her in a position to stay at Rafe’s house and other than a few conversations between Rafe and his Captain, it mainly revolves around his and Madison’s relationship.  We get a miniscule glimpse at Madison’s brother who is Rafe’s best friend but don’t’ learn anything much about him.

I liked Rafe and Madison as a couple.  I did agree with Rafe’s internal monologue that he was a bit of a p***y (his word) since he had had a huge crush on Madison for years and never approaches her.  He’s worried that hit will ruin his relationship with her family, make his best friend mad, ect. It was about time he manned up and did something about his feelings.  We do get an epilogue (yay!) so we get a small look into their future but it’s barely more than a page.  I would have liked a bit more there.

Better Late than Never

Stars 3
Flames 4

Randy Phillips has been watching the receptionist at his fathers firm for over a year when she has a car accident that sends her to the hospital.  When he goes to see her he keeps her company and they get to know each other better before sharing a hot kiss.  Then she ignores him for six weeks while she is recuperating.  On her first day back he finagles a way to take her home and confronts her about what happened.

This is a short so we don’t get much in regards to plot but we do get a hot sex scene.  There is the basic set up then lust takes over when they are at her place and sex ensues.  It was very nicely done with moments of character info so we didn’t feel like we are reading about two strangers. There are also a few paragraphs at the end that wrap things up nicely.  Overall a well written hot short.

Totally Bound

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