Review: That’s a Wrap by Liz Borino

January 18, 2013 Review 0


Liz Borino

eBook, 133 pages
Published December 12th 2012 by LazyDay Publishing, LLC
ISBN 13: 9781612580654
Source: Author, for the purpose of an honest review
Genre: M M Romance
Series: Ben’s Life #3
5 Stars
5 Flames


That’s a Wrap is the third installment of Liz Borino’s Ben’s Life Series depicting the fictional show, Ben’s Life, a once-successful soap opera that has slowly seen declining ratings.  The story further delves into the Dom/sub bond of Steve and Zack as they continue to explore their relationship professionally and more importantly personally.

The show Ben’s Life is being put into retirement and the cast will be going their separate ways, leaving Steve and Zack jobless, but able to pursue other ventures. Soon, impending unemployment is the least of their worries and Steve receives an unexpected phone call informing him that he has a sister he never knew existed and is in need of a permanent home.

Steve and Zack’s domesticity is tested with the addition of slave Josh, (from Cutaway) as he moves in with them and they all try to find their places in the homestead.  Josh was written as a confused and needy character, which enhanced the dialogues between Steve and Zack and their further development. Ms. Borino’s progression of Steve and Zack’s relationship was wonderfully and intelligently done. Steve’s emotional and physical submission to sub Zack was credible and well delivered. The author’s display of Steve’s vulnerability and relinquishment of control was forthright and authentic. The seeds planted in the previous book were subtle and allowed for the believability. I connected with each of the characters in the story as they progressed from stage to stage in their lives; laughing, crying and smiling.

Ms. Borino is a wonderful story teller as this book picks up where Cutaway leaves off. Many times an author forgets previous story lines and characters when producing sequels, a fact which cannot be said of the Ben’s Life Series. I am not sure if the series will continue, but I can only hope.  Loose ends were left at the conclusion of the story and I am desperate to peek into the lives of Steve and Zack as they enter a new phase in their lives; new jobs and fatherhood. A must read.


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