Review: The Kingdom of the Nine: The Vampire Legacy IV (The Vampire Legacy #4) by Dawn Gray

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Review: The Kingdom of the Nine: The Vampire Legacy IV (The Vampire Legacy #4) by Dawn Gray

Visions from the past were hidden in her dreams, a strange land with nine kings. Every night Caitlyn O'Neal would wake and wonder just what they meant to her and what she might have forgotten, until a chance rummage through old boxes brought to light the part of her that was missing.Julian Deveraux had sworn to protect her, putting his life's effort into making sure she stayed safe, and that the knowledge she held of the vampires of old never fell into the wrong hands. He thought he had done what he could to ensure it, but he was wrong.Caitlyn's draw to the ocean-side mansion is something she can no longer ignore, but with her arrival also comes the appearance of the red-eyed vampire Creolas. Is this dark man there to harm her or help her, and if he's a threat, is Julian strong enough to keep Caitlyn as safe as needed?

Title: The Kingdom of the Nine
Author: Dawn Gray
Series: Vampire Legacy
Published by Eloquent Books
Source: Author
Published: August 26, 2010
Genres: Paranormal
Pages: 198
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Stars: two-stars
Flames: zero-flames
Dawn Gray
I won this book as part of the First Reads program. Looking back I wonder if there would have been more enjoyment of the book had I read the first three in the series. I really don’t know. I still have a problem with infidelity. It really is not something that I want to read with my happily ever afters.
This review first posted on January 7, 2011.


                The majority of the problems that I have with this book are personal. If you’re okay with adultery you may enjoy the book. I personally had issues connecting with a woman who lies to her husband about where she goes, after dumping her child off with her sister, while she seeks a man that she had a relationship with. This relationship took up three years of her life six years ago, three years that she has no recollection of. I think Caitlyn justifies all of this because her husband has cheated on her. Also this is a flashback story. I am not a big fan of those either. The story is being told between the adulterer and the new girlfriend. The new very mature (HA!) girlfriend Ashley is the Vampire Queen, she has issues that her current boyfriend Julian has a past lover in his present. Ashley has issues with Caitlyn even though she has been estranged from Julian. So this is the story of the how, when, where and why of Caitlyn and Julian. Ashley knocks on Caitlyn’s door at midnight one night demanding this information. There is a romantic aspect to this book, there are people in love, there is not a happily ever after. I also would not classify this book as a paranormal romance.
Dawn Gray
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