Review: Moon by Laurann Dohner

April 30, 2013 Review 2

Review: Moon by Laurann Dohner

Dr. Joyce Yards has never met anyone as irresistible as 466. Their therapy sessions are growing hotter, his raw sexual hunger becoming aggressive, and he refuses to discuss anything except the possibility of getting her naked. Joy understands the dire consequences if she indulges her passion. It will break her heart but she must walk away.

Moon has been drugged, his memory shattered, and he’s now little more than feral, a dangerous threat to everyone. In their need for help, the NSO doctors turn to the only female Moon ever cared about—the one who left him behind two years ago.

Moon isn’t the same male Joy once knew. There are no rules now. If sex tames the wild beast and triggers his fractured memories, allowing him moments of lucidity, then Joy will give him everything, body and soul. She’ll do whatever it takes to save him—even at the cost of her own life.

Title: Moon
Author: Laurann Dohner
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Series: New Species
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Source: Publisher
Published: April 30, 2013
Genres: Erotic Paranormal Romance
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-flames

sexy book covers

Every single cover that Laurann has has a sexy shirtless man. All of her covers are worthy of this post. Today we have a twofer! Drool worthy cover & review. I have to brag on Megan with this review. I emailed her the book and went to bed a few hours later. When I woke the following morning the review was in my inbox. She stayed up until 4am just to read the sexy male known as Moon.


In the latest installment of the New Species series we find what happens to Moon who was injured in the previous book, Shadow.   While each book does work as a stand-alone they are best read in order.  I have been following this series since book one and I am loving it!

Moon and Dr. Joyce Yards have a past. One she would like to change and Moon tries his best to forget.  Joy was Moon’s therapist when he was first released from the testing facility where he was raised.  He didn’t want to discuss his feelings but he did want to sleep with her.  Joy knew it was unethical for her to be involved with Moon but the attraction between them was so strong she didn’t think she would be able to resist.  So she left him without notice or a goodbye and now, 2 years later, he has been turned feral and doesn’t recognize anyone.  The New Species bring in Joy to try and get into his head to find out if he can be reached so they don’t have to put him down.

I have loved Moon since book 2 where (I think) he was introduced.  He has hidden depths that are unknown to the reader and make you feel for him and want to find out what made him the way he is.  One thing I missed about his book is that we rarely get to see him be himself.  Almost the whole book he is acting feral or his mind is stuck in the past where his personality is different from all the previous books.  It isn’t until almost the end of his book that we get to see the Moon we all have come to love.  I will say I was disappointed about that.  I did like getting glimpses of his life right after he was released.  The flashback scenes are well done and not at all confusing.  It felt like being in the mind of a confused Moon while he tried to come to grips with what was going on around him.

Joy was very stubborn and willing to risk her safety for Moon’s sake because she was still in love with him.  I liked how she stood up to the other New Species and made them listen to her about what was best for Moon.  I did find this installment a little different from the others as it was mostly the aftermath of an attack on the New Species.  It was nice to read a book that continued the series but wasn’t the same formula.

Another thing I was surprised with is that there isn’t very much sex in this book.  From the blurb I expected there to be a lot more.  There is a lot of buildup but when it comes to follow through, Moon is usually stopped before he reaches the promise land.

I felt that the ending was a little rushed.  I would have like more of a sit down with Joy and Moon where they really talk things out.  I didn’t feel like I got Moon perspective.  You learn for the beginning of the book that Joy is still in love with Moon but most of the time, Moon is having flashbacks and isn’t himself.  When he does have lucid moments he doesn’t want Joy anywhere near him so it seems a little abrupt when he decides to Mate with her.

Overall I did enjoy Moon’s story and being in the New Species world again.  I would have liked it to be a little longer but then I am always saying that about most books I read.  I am hoping for Flame’s story next as some seeds where sown there but I will be happy reading about any of them.

Laurann Dohner


2 Responses to “Review: Moon by Laurann Dohner”

  1. Christi Snow

    It’s a gorgeous cover! I am so tempted by this series…everyone raves about it, and this book in particular sounds REALLY good, but…eyeing my 800+ TBR…I probably should wait. Maybe…

  2. laoighis

    Thanks Vanessa! You got it so fast because I have no control when I get a book that I really want to read. And I had been waiting on Moon for months. Now I am waiting (im)patiently for more!