Review: Written Together by Wendi Zwaduk

June 6, 2014 Review 0

Review: Written Together by Wendi Zwaduk

Adam Pallas knows what he wants out of life—to teach history, to be happy and to have a hot woman by his side. He’s got one out of the three. He should be happy, but he’s not. There’s one woman who grabs his attention every time. The catch? She’s very much out of his league. Can being himself actually snag the woman of his dreams?

Melissa Murphy isn’t looking for love, but every time she sees Adam her plans go sideways. The English teacher knows there’s a confident, hot man hiding behind the slightly nerdy history buff façade. But her past and the things she wants between the sheets tend to scare men off. She believes the odds may be stacked against them. But it turns out that their lives might just be perfectly written together.

Inside Scoop: Our heroine has fun encouraging her man to be more aggressive in bed by adding spanking and role-playing to their hot nights.

Title: Written Together
Author: Wendi Zwaduk
Other books by this author that we've reviewed: Drawn Together, Firelit Magic, Honey and Decadence, Taken In
Source: Publisher
Published: May 16 2014
Genres: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Pages: 178
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Stars: three-stars
Flames: four-flames

Adam Pallas is a self proclaimed dork. He’s nothing special and is usually labeled as a ‘friend’ by any woman he is interested in. After his latest attempt at a relationship fails he’s at his wit’s end. When Melissa Murphy strikes up a conversation and suggests that start jogging together he agrees so he can release some of his stress. What he discovers is a woman that he hadn’t really noticed before but is interested in getting to know better. What he doesn’t know is that Melissa likes a bit of kink in the bedroom and is interested in seeing if Adam wants to play.

I liked Adam. I liked how he wasnt’ a stud or man whore. He was just an average looking guy that was often shy around women so he usually ended up with a lot of friends but not many girlfriends. With Melissa he is able to be himself and become more confident. She helps him discover a bit of a dominate that was lurking just under the surface but was longing to get out.

There is a bit of drama with Melissa’s ex and school politics but it wasn’t drawn out. Mostly this story focuses on kinky sex and Adam and Melissa’s relationship. I was a bit blindsided by Adam a few times. *slight spoiler* He asks Melissa to marry him before he tells her he loves her. And she accepts (eventually) but doesn’t tell him she loves him. Now this has a HEA but I did find that part odd. He also takes up with her kink with barely a hitch in his stride.

This is loosely related to Zwaduk’s Drawn Together. This couple work for the same school as the main couple in DT. There are also some overlapping characters that appear in both stories. Adam was introduced in DT and I believe Melissa was as well but I don’t remember. Both stories work as stand alones.



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